Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ten Years Ago - Happy Anniversary!

Three states, six houses and four children later, we have officially made it to 10 years!!

Ten years ago, the night before we were married, my husband told me that he loved me more that day than he did the previous day and that he was sure he would love me even more the following day.  It was endearing and sweet to think that as young and passionately in love as we were, we could somehow manage to fall more in love with each other.  But we have.

I do love Peter more today than I did ten years ago and I am sure he feels the same way.  It is a more confident love.  We've managed to put many petty and youthful jealousies behind us.  We are each a bit less clumsy about life and more comfortable in our skin.  We have settled into routines.  We have also embraced the idea that the world really does not revolve around us and that we are just two more people in a vast world of people wading against the tides, but we are wading against them hand in hand together.

There are other changes too.  I’m referring to changes other than the fact that we are both a little thicker around the waist.  He doesn't get in a temper as much and I don’t talk as soft as I used to.  He stands back more often and I stand up a little more often.  He communicates more and I've learned that it’s okay to communicate less.  We've also settled into the fact that we cannot change those around us and we accept them for who they are, or at least strive to, including each other.  This has allowed us to not fight about family differences, which are vast, or difficult subjects such as religious beliefs!   We can generally talk calmly about these issues, because we are ultimately on the same team.  Additionally, we have decided that living with less makes life great, if not sweeter.

Peter and I found each other nearly fourteen years ago, we married ten years ago today and life is still engaging and exciting.  We have our challenges.  We have our fights.  But we love each other more today than we did ten years ago.  I can only work hard and have the confidence that he will work just as hard to love each other more in another two, five and ten years.  Happy Anniversary to the best man that I know!  You are wonderful husband and a wonderful father.

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